Google Pixel: The Best 5G Phone

The Google Pixel 5G is a good phone for reasons that have almost nothing to do with the “5G” in the name. The ostensible reason for the phone to exist is to offer 5G connectivity to customers who want a more affordable phone. It starts at $499 for most carriers. But the actual reason to buy one is much simpler: it offers a big enough screen, great cameras, and a decently fast processor. It even has a headphone jack.

Google has tried to keep things as simple as possible and provide people with an easy choice. If you are looking for an affordable smartphone, the Pixel is one of the best mid-rangers you can buy. The 5G will set you back quite a bit more, but brings a lot more to the table. The larger display, bigger battery, and 5G are all selling points.

Competitor of Pixel 5G

But in many ways, the real competitor to the Pixel 5G is another Google phone. The Pixel 5 shares much in common with its cheaper sibling — so much so that ultimately, the Pixel 5G gets the better of any comparison. If you want a 5G phone from Google, the Pixel 5G is the one to get.

5G Enable with Powerful Processor

The Pixel 5G is, in essence, the 5G-enabled version of the regular Pixel, which came out on August 3. However, there are more upgrades to the Pixel 5G. The phone has a bigger screen, features a faster Snapdragon 765G processor, and comes with a bigger battery.

Value-Oriented Phone

Pixel 5G is a value-oriented phone made for people who don’t want or need a flashy high-end phone. Like the Pixel, the 5G model’s strong points are its cameras, smooth software, and rock-solid update policy.

Lovely Display

The display is lovely, the matte back finish is easy to grasp, and performance has been flawless. If I wasn't told about the processor, I would have no idea the phone was sporting a midrange Snapdragon 765G. I only miss 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rate when I jump on another phone and zip around, but using just the Pixel 5G I don't see an issue with the 60Hz display.

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