All Inclusive Holidays

Just like everything in life, there are both pros and cons to taking an all-inclusive holiday. Some people love them, some people are vehemently against the thought, and the rest tend to fall somewhere in the middle.

But when it comes down to it, there is no right or wrong way to travel, and an all-inclusive holiday could genuinely be for you. Even if you are a traveler who generally prefers to explore a destination thoroughly, go sightseeing every day, eat street food, meet locals, and discover locations off the beaten path which put you well away from your resort or hotel.

All-inclusive holidays are a fabulous choice for a wide range of travelers. Are any of these you?

Call A Travel Agent

Travel agents are extremely well-versed in all-inclusive resorts. Translating the list of room categories often available at large all-inclusive resorts can be difficult and confusing. Working with a large agency makes a difference too, since they are more likely to have an agent that has visited one or more of the resorts you are interested in. Travel agents often take extensive tours of hotels while they are in destination, so they will be able to give you honest feedback on the rooms, beach, and restaurants. In addition, booking your all-inclusive resort with a travel agent could earn you extra perks such as upgrades, excursions, and discounts!

Check Out The Location

If you want to head into town for shopping or nightlife, make sure you choose a hotel that is near an area that offers these things. Your travel agent can help you to narrow down which destinations are best for your needs (i.e., Cancun or Cabo San Lucas for nightlife).

All-inclusive resorts range from quaint to enormous. Both small and large resorts have their advantages and disadvantages, but it depends mostly on your preferences. If you want nine restaurants, several bars and pools, and a chance to meet new friends, a larger resort will best meet your expectations. If you would rather enjoy your time relaxing in a quiet atmosphere, there are plenty of boutique options for that as well. Ask your travel agent how many rooms are at the resort as well as the size of the property it sits on to give you a better idea.

You might assume that when booking an all-inclusive, everything pertaining to your trip is included, from airfare and land transfers to tips, gratuity, activities, amenities, and more. However, all-inclusive rates can vary widely in what they entail; yours might cover accommodations and food only, or it might include alcoholic drinks but no tips, which are expected. Don’t assume that once you book and pay for your all-inclusive trip, you can close your wallet. There might be additional aspects of your trip that you still need to plan — and purchase.

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